Is my car insured?

There are no excuses for questions “is my car insured?” – making sure your car is well insured and ready to hit the streets. It is each individual’s responsibility to make sure that they get their vehicles insured before anything else. Driving without car insurance in the UK is in fact, a criminal offence, which can seriously land you in hot water.

Is my car insured

First time car owners are likely to encounter an abundance of information when exploring the vast world of car insurance policies. It can be quite daunting to dive into, when there are so many questions to be asked. Luckily there are some key points we can refer back to, to ensure that we are approaching the situation with a way that will get us all the answers to our many questions.

Where can I check if my car is insured in the United Kingdom?

Checking a car’s existing insurance is vital, especially when you are looking into buying a second hand car. You can run its number plate through a database called the Motor Insurer’s Database, MID for short, which contains all the insurance info of vehicles registered and insured in the United Kingdom – wiki.

The MID is the only centralized database system that was created to log motor insurance policies in the UK for any vehicles on the road. Take note that if you have just recently purchased your car insurance, that it might not be reflected on the website immediately.

A search on this website comes free of charge, but if you would like to know more details about the policy itself, you will be charged a small fee of £4. The free search however, will already give you general information such as the make and model of the car registered under the number plate entered.

Insurance in car accidentIf the car in question is one that you have registered yourself, and you would like to simply confirm the status of your insurance, there are other options. It is recommended that you check any emails you might have received from the insurance provider, including past bank statements or credit card statements coming from your car insurance provider.

Checking your email can be a simple way to stay informed about your insurance policy, as the insurance companies will usually send you sporadic updates about your account, as well as withdrawals and charges in the name of your insurance. Many car owners simply make the mistake of not staying on top of their paperwork, which can make all the difference when it comes to skirting fines and penalties. Old emails as well as junk folders should be thoroughly organized in order to avoid paying these fines for something so easily to avoid.

If you fail to insure your car in the United Kingdom, you can count on the MID to send you some gentle reminders to do so. An Insurance Advisory Letter will be mailed to, containing information about how you can go about insuring your car, should you need some help. Once you have received these letters from the MID, and you still decide not to insure your vehicle, you will be given more warnings which can potentially lead to you losing your car altogether.

Why it is important to know the status of your car insurance?

As driving an uninsured vehicle is something you can get fined for, it is important to stay on top of these things. If apprehended, you can be fined a whopping £300, on top of getting size penalty points on your license. If you are a new driver who has only just recently passed their test, and encounter this issue, you maybe even have your license cancelled or revoked, bringing you back to square one.

But that’s not all, getting caught for an offence like this can create all sorts of problems for you in the future. This might mean that you will eventually struggle to find car insurance in the United Kingdom that is on the more affordable side of things. In more extreme cases, you may also face the danger of getting your vehicle impounded and maybe even destroyed.

Fact is: even if you don’t plan to use your car and it is just parked in your garage – the law states that you need to make sure it is insured at all times. If you really have no intention of using your car, and would like to not have to pay for its insurance, then you should legally declare your vehicle unused.

What is a SORN?

You can do this with a Statutory Off-Road Notification (SORN) with the DVLA – otherwise you could easily face a penalty. A SORN means you can keep the vehicle without United Kingdom car insurance, for as long as it is parked on your property. It is worth noting, however, that a SORN doesn’t protect you from the dangers of theft, weather or fire damages.

Is my car insured if it is not taxed?

It is illegal to drive a car in the United Kingdom, when it is not taxed or insured. For this reason, is also not advisable to gamble by not paying your due taxed while still maintaining your insurance. Your insurance provider is likely to wriggle out of getting you any other involved party the pay-out you are expecting, for the simple reason that the car is not legal, when either its taxes or insurance isn’t paid.

Car insurance tief tax

The only way you can stop paying taxes on a car is by declaring it as unused, so a Statutory Off-Road Notification (SORN) will need to be declared at the DVLA. This car can then be kept without insurance or taxes, but cannot be used.

Is my car insured if I let someone else drive it?

In the past, car insurance policies in the UK would allow coverage for driving other cars. However, this has changed drastically over the years. This third party type coverage can still exist in a policy, but you are more likely to have to request for it and pay for it in advance. It is important to clear this with your insurance company beforehand, as many of them have now decided against the driving other cars (DOC) benefit altogether.

A DOC was created to serve only in case of emergencies. This of course, hasn’t been adhered to over the years, which is why insurance companies have clamped down on it. For example, if you are a driver under 25, it is highly unlikely that you will be awarded DOC, even if you are in fact, insured.

For anyone above 25, instead of assuming that it would automatically qualify them for DOC, it is advised that you still get in touch with your insurance provider, to get the right information about whether or not DOC can be provided at all.

Some providers do include DOC as soon as you turn 25, although this is rare. So to be 100% sure, don’t just trust your friend to drive your vehicle, but make sure they are insured and can be covered by their provider.

Another fact worth noting is that it matters to your insurance provider what your occupation is. If you are someone who drives a lot for their profession, your car insurance provider might opt to refuse your coverage, as it would be too risky for them to accept. Alternatively, they may also raise your premiums in those cases.

This may accept whether you qualify for DOC as well. It is crucial to be transparent with your insurance provider, so you can avoid future misunderstandings. The same goes for even driving your spouse’s car – to assume that this would automatically qualify you for a DOC, would be a mistake. In many cases, even with a DOC, this wouldn’t cover you. This is why communicating with your insurance company is absolute key, in order to help you understand the small print for any scenario possible.

Is my car insured if my mot has run out?

Other than taxes and an insurance policy, drivers will also need to take heed of their MOT. A MOT (Ministry of Transport) test is an annual test of your vehicle, to ensure that is passes all standards that are required for it to be classified a safe vehicle. A MOT will test for exhaust emissions, vehicle safety and other important points that prove your vehicle’s roadworthiness.

new car interior

In the UK, every car is due for a MOT once it is 3 years old. This process costs around £55, which is well worth the money, as it guarantees not only the legality of your vehicle, but also the validity of your insurance.

Should you fail to update your MOT, you are likely to face all sorts of legal problems. The failure to provide a MOT can make your car insurance invalid. It is an illegal practice and would also run you the risk of being fined. At £1000 on average in terms of legal fines, it is definitely something worth paying attention to.

With regards to your car insurance in the UK, as it will become invalid without a MOT, you will then become liable to cover all your expenses and the damages of the second party, without being able to ask your insurance for help. This is definitely a risky business, as insurance payouts and car damages are likely to go way beyond the £55 cost of your MOT.

To make things worse, getting caught up in an accident without a MOT can also run you the risk of being rejected when applying for cheaper car insurance policies. Your insurance premiums will skyrocket, making this decision something that you will regret for quite a long time. The only time you are excused from driving without a MOT is when you are indeed on the way to your pre-booked MOT appointment. As the government is by no means obliged to remind you when your MOT is due next, it is worth marking your calendar off for, in order to avoid further complications.

Is my car insured if a tree falls on it?

This might sounds a bit like a silly questions, but isn’t one at all. Falling trees are not just an imaginary issue, but have a high likelihood of occurring. In this unique case, a comprehensive car insurance coverage can help protect you, not only from trees, but also from fallen trees, unpredictable weather damage and animal damage.

There are several ways to protect yourself from these things happening, should you live and park in areas where these circumstances are likely to occur. With a comprehensive coverage, you will also have to pay attention to what your deductible is, versus your coverage limit, as these will be important details that you will encounter during the payout process.

In the UK, only drivers with fully comprehensive insurance policies qualify to collect pay-outs obtained through damages such as fallen trees. Car insurance policies that are not fully comprehensive, sadly do not qualify for circumstantial damages, such as those created by fallen trees.

Is my car insured in a red weather warning?

This question should be an easy one to answer, but in fact does come with its own complications. As a standard rule, your car insurance in the United Kingdom is fully liable for any damages that may occur on your vehicle. However, there are exceptions to the rule, which can then result in having to cover the expenses yourself.

Is my classic car insured

Once a red weather alert has been given, it is the car owner’s responsibility to make sure that they do not put their vehicle in any negligent situations that could cause damage to the car. If the insurance company can prove negligent behaviour during a red weather warning, this might nullify the payout claims made by the insured party.

As an example, when taking the vehicle out for a drive in a red weather alert snow storm, should the driver cause damage to the car, the insurance company will try to find out whether the driver deliberately put the vehicle in danger of such conditions. If a driver takes the car through flooded roads and then ends up with severe water damage, the insurance company will question whether the drive through the flood was an absolute necessity before considering a payout.

The best ways to ensure the full coverage of your vehicle is to use it wisely, and mindfully, and not try to push your luck. It is highly recommended that you use the opportunity to connect with your insurance provider, to make sure you are in the clear about all the details of your coverage.

Properties of human beings are exposed to different kinds of risks. And such risks involve losses. So how can you reduce such risk?

Insurance is a great tool which reduces the cost of loss or effect, caused by a huge damage on your belongings. Whenever you think about your valued assets, ‘car’ is found somewhere on the top list of your protected possessions. So why not to keep your precious assets in safe hands?

But you already know all that, and you are here because you want to answer to one question :

Is my car insured?

Keep yourselves reassured that your car is in secure hands!

There is a lot of insurance fraud, so to make you and your care safe we have made insurance form. Through this form, you can easily find out if your car is insured. Don’t let anyone make a fool of you, and always check your car insurance.

Easy way to check

A lot of people wonders if their car has been insured. There is a easy way to find if it is. All you need to do is to fill this form. Filling this form we can check if your car is or was insured in past. This is the easiest way to answer your question “is my car insured” and not only that you will know if your car is insured or not, you will know where is it insured. We will also suggest you where to buy cheap car insurance, and what are the cons of cheap car insurance.

Car insurance check form

You need to have in mind that we do not have an instant refresh of our data, so if you have insured your car a week a go, you will not be able to see that in our data.

Without your car insurance it is not recommended to drive a car, in case of accident you will have to pay damage on the other car by yourself. There are also a lot of reasons why you must insurance your care, but I guess this one is enough!

In order to find out if is your car insured you have to give us your licence plate number and vehicle type.

Database is refreshed daily with new data in order to provide this service.

Where can you check if your car is insured?

The easiest way to check if your car is insured is at the Motor Insurer’s Database (MID). All you need is your car registration plate and you will have the valuable information.

Here it the link to the MID database.

Car insurances

United Kingdom has the largest Insurance industry in Europe and the third largest in the World. Car Insurance in UK is compulsory. In order to drive your car on the public road, you must have one of the three types of vehicle insurance. So here are some types of car insurance you must choose for your life long belonging;

  • Third party – This type of insurance covers required by law. It protects other road users and the general public, covering the damage of somebody else’s car or injury to anybody else but does not offers compensation to you or your car, even if it’s stolen or damaged.

  • ThirdParty Fire and Theft – It is very much similar to the third party. BUT it also covers your car in case of being stolen or damaged in fire.

  • Fully Comprehensive – This type insures your every part/aspect of vehicle harm and theft, as well as your personal effects.

  • The average price in UK for insurance is 970 Pounds.

  • Comprehensive car premium average is 600 pounds.

United Kingdom’s Insurance companies also allow insured cars to travel to other European Union countries with minimum third party cover. In case of more covers in your insurance like theft or damage to your car abroad, you can also claim such incidents from your Insurance Company.

Keep yourselves reassured that your car is in secure hands.