Cheap car insurance in the UK

In the UK today each car you’ll find on the market would belong among the 50 insurance car groups that have been laid down by the Group Rating Panel. If they’ll be willing, insurers would utilize their in-house grouping system.

If your car’s insurance group is low, it’d be cheaper to insure your car. For instance, if your insurance car’s group is no 1 or 2, it’ll be cheapest for you to insure it.

What is cheap car insurance UK in 2019?

Here we’ve narrowed down to 10 cars that would be cheap to insure and buy in 2019. They include:

1.Kia Rio

If you’ve got a small family Kia Rio is the ideal car for you and it’s the cheapest car that you’ll insure with its models beginning in group 2. Kia Rio has become so popular nowadays because of its sufficient space of the boot and would emit low CO2.

2.Nissan Micra

It’ll be cheaper to buy and you’ll get all the benefits of a new look. Nissan Micra will be the cheapest vehicle that you’d insure in 2019 with its models beginning in insurance group 1.

3.Vauxhall Corsa Hatchback

Because of its initial iteration, it’s most preferred by the upcoming and youthful drivers. Vauxhall Corsa Hatchback is an authentic and a sensible small car, which you’d find it cheaper to insure because it belongs to insurance group 2.

4.Volkswagen Polo

Due to its new 6th range, it has been favoured by so many people. You’ll like the Volkswagen Polo because it’s cheaper to insure because few of its versions would belong to insurance car group 1.

5.Hyundai i10

The 2nd range of Hyundai i10 belonging to car insurance group 1, this will mean you’d find it cheaper to insure the i10 compared to its preceding models. The Hyundai i10 is so popular with youthful drivers because it has a lot of entertainment attributes and has an engine capacity of 1 litre.

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6.Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta is yet another senior most favoured car, with its initial range being introduced in the year 1976. You’ll have made an ideal choice of the latest range of the Ford Fiesta since it has the cheapest insurance with 2 of its design trims belonging to insurance car group 2.

7.Smart Forfour

The Smart Forfour isn’t preferred by most people; however, it’s the cheapest car that you’d insure. This latest range falls in insurance car group 1 while the other preceding versions of this car all start in insurance car group 2.

8.SEAT Ibiza

If you’d like to get the most out of a small car, the SEAT Ibiza will be the ideal car for you having won in the car awards in the best small car category. The SEAT Ibiza comes with a 1 litre engine and would be the cheapest to insure since most of its features start in insurance car group 2.

9. Ford Ka+

The Ford Ka+ was first launched in 2016, is a modernization on the native model that was so favoured in the end of 1990s. It’s a cheap car that you’ll insure belonging to the car insurance group 1 and 2.

10.Skoda Citigo

The Skoda Citigo is one car that you’ll find it cheap to insure belonging to car insurance group 1 because it’s cheap to buy and has a firm engine. You can easily drive and park it on the busy streets of the city.